A photo of Thom Hannum & Brad O'Connor.The MPS Staff consists of professional instructors who have worked with Thom in all areas of percussion education. Whether on the stage or on the field, these individuals have mastered the fundamental techniques which are the foundation of the Seminar.

The wealth of information and experience our staff shares with your students will prove invaluable for years to come. Your entire percussion section will gain a new sense of direction and discipline that may become the example for the rest of the band!

Staff Members

  • Thom Hannum – Camp Director
  • Brad O’Connor – Camp Business Manager
  • Sally Johnson – Assistant Business Manager
  • Cindy Snow — Front Ensemble
  • Neal Flum — Battery
  • Dave Fox — Battery
  • Dr. Alex Casimiro — Battery
  • Danielle Russo — Battery
  • Tom Wilson — Front Ensemble
  • Fran Fazio — Battery
  • Ian Hale — Battery
  • Andrew Ricketts — Battery

Staff Alumni