The program offered by the Mobile Percussion Seminar is carefully designed to develop the mental and physical aspects of percussion performance through Technique, Reading, and Musicianship. For your benefit, we are offering two Workshop options.

Workshop Option 1

The first is our three-day Mobile Percussion Seminar. Designed to begin on a Friday evening and conclude with a Sunday afternoon session, this intensive hands-on Seminar will challenge each and every student. The Seminar will take your students through a step by step program.

Workshop Option 2

The MPS Workshop is available for those who want to sample our program. We select highlights from the Seminar and gear them to the ability level of your group; whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced. This one-day format is an excellent option for many schools to get a taste of what the Mobile Percussion Seminar is all about.

Join the increasing number of schools who have experienced the Mobile Percussion Seminar at their school. The MPS fee covers tuition, staff and materials. Each student who attends the MPS will receive a Seminar workbook and a pair of drum sticks! Materials are provided for up to 15 students. Travel and lodging are the responsibility of the host school.

For more information, please email us at [email protected].