Good student leadership is a critical component to a successful ensemble. The Mobile Percussion Seminar is expanding the student leadership training sessions. We will offer a unique training program so that when your student leaders leave the MPS, they will have tools and resources to be a successful Section Leader. This student leader training program can be found only at the MPS UMass Summer Camp.

The Mobile Percussion Seminar is designed so that the students can teach the program fundamentals themselves. The methods and resources the students use further their own skills and are designed to assist their school percussion section after the camp concludes. Many students attend the Mobile Percussion Seminar because they are the student leaders in their home programs.

One of the great features of MPS is the Leadership Training Sessions students can participate in during the camp. This component of the camp is interactive and challenges the leaders of your ensemble to develop into productive Section Leaders. These are hands on sessions where students lead through real life examples and get feedback on successes and opportunities. The Leadership students will have a topic to focus on each day and will be responsible to perform tasks and activities above and beyond the regular camp curriculum.

This student leadership program can’t be found at any other percussion camp. And this program expansion should make MPS a great experience for those that sign up.

Visit our Summer Camps section to learn more about MPS at UMass Amherst.

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